College Football Gambling Picks Week 4: The Team’s Picks

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I’ve mentioned on several occasions that I have a team of associates who help me dissect the match-ups each week.  By associates, I mean my friends Spills and Dan P, and my brother Dave.  Although we usually agree on several games, there are always a bunch of my team’s picks that I don’t include in the column.  Sometimes it’s because I disagree with them.  Usually it’s because we pick way too many games and I don’t want the column to be 10,000 words.  However, I think it’s time I honored the guys who help me out each week.  Here are their week 4 picks.



Here’s this week’s PICK 6.

West Virginia -26 vs. Maryland

Forget the over/under being 62, the spread should be 62. I picked WVU to win the Big 12 and make the National Title Game vs. Alabama before the season started and I see no reason to change that now… huuuuge bet

TCU -17.5 vs. Virginia

Did you watch that slopfest vs. Penn State? Virginia is terrible and I like Pachall a lot. I don’t see any way Virginia scores more than 13 max, and I’d be surprised if they hit double digits.

Penn State vs. Temple UNDER 42

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I will be betting heavily on EVERY Penn State under the entire season, they are horrible.

Washington State -19.5 vs. Colorado

Colorado and Colorado State are maybe the 2 worst programs is college football, and I don’t mean just D1. They are worse than most D3 teams, and I am not exaggerating. Continue to bet against the state of Colorado all year and enjoy the profits.

Arizona State -7 vs. Utah

ASU is pretty good, Utah is terrible and just blew their wad in the win against Utah State, and their starting QB’s shoulder just fell off. Tempe in a night game, those Mormons will be too busy looking at the scandalous student section and forget to even suit up.

New Mexico vs. New Mexico State UNDER 57

You’re welcome.


Dan P

This week I'd like to present to you The PPP (Partridge Power Poll).  Ignore those AP and Coaches Polls, they're bullshit.  These are the real rankings.  USC is not the 13th best team.  Nor is Notre Dame 11th!  11th, please!  What a joke.


1- Alabama
2- LSU
3- USC
4- West Virginia
5- Florida State
6- Georgia
7- Oregon
8- Clemson
9- South Carolina
10- Oklahoma
11- Kansas State
12- Florida
13- Ohio State
14- Michigan
15- Texas

This week I'm making picks off the poll.  Here we go.

West Va / Maryland Over 62 + West Va -27

Dana Holgorsen will have 8 red bulls by halftime.  Geno Smith is going top 10 in the NFL Draft.  I don’t seen Kansas City or Oakland passing on him.  Geno Smith will account for 6 TDs in this absolute woodshed. 58-13 West Va

Florida -24 vs Kentucky

Chaz Weiss is gone.  Florida has a QB.  They just took care of A&M and then blew out Tennessee in front of 110,000 people on Rocky Top.  The swamp will be rocking.  Kentucky meanwhile just lost to WESTERN Kentucky.  They've quit on their coach.  Florida rolls bigtime.  45-6 Florida

Kansas State +14 at Oklahoma

Listen to me now and hear me later (in a Kevin Nealon doing an Arnold S voice).  OKLAHOMA SUCKS!  They are the most overrated team in the country.  Landry "Lance" Jones is mediocre.  It was way easier running that offense with DeMarco Murray and Ryan Broyles.  Now they're gone and they can't score.  Meanwhile, Bill Snyder is sneaky good in big games, and I like Kansas State even more since they mailed in last week's game vs. North Texas.  They were looking ahead to this game and I love it.  In fact, I'd bet Kansas State on the moneyline at +465 to win outright.  BTW- Ryan Broyles will be on my NFL fantasy team next year.  Imagine his numbers on the Lions with Stafford, Johnson, Titus Young will be in jail and Nate Burelson still being terrible.  Broyles in 2013!  30-27 Kansas State

Clemson +14 at Florida State

Speaking of overrated QB's, EJ Manuel flat out sucks.  If FSU had Braxton Miller, Geno Smith or someone half decent, they could play for a national title.  FSU also lost one of their stud DE's for the year, and their secondary is suspect.  They haven’t been tested by an offense of the caliber.  I'm not saying Clemson will win, but they won’t get blown out.  FSU 23-20

Arizona State -7 vs Utah

It's going to be 105 here Saturday.  Utah coming off a big win vs. BYU, no Jordan Wynn, they'll be mailing this one in.  They'll quit in the 2nd half and ASU will pull away.  Meanwhile, Campus PD will be filming another episode on Mill Ave. post game.


Make money money make money money make,





UCLA -7 over Oregon St.

Kansas St. +14 over Oklahoma

LSU -20.5 over Auburn

Louisville -13.5 over Florida Int’l

Notre Dame -6 over Michigan

Syracuse -1 over Minnesota.

Sounds crazy, but I'd take LSU -20 over Auburn.  I love Louisville -11 over Florida International*.  Louisville should win the Big East blindfolded.  ND should win by 14.  I would stay away from UCONN. W. Michigan beat them last year.  I remember having you bet W. Michigan +14 or something and they ended up winning outright.  I'm also leaning towards a Syracuse victory with the Gopher's "more athletic" quarterback being injured.


[*Note: The Louisville line opened at -11, but has since moved up to -13.5.]



One more bonus for you.  My 10-team, 6-point teaser pick of the week.  Wager $5 and you can win $125.  I know the odds are low, but I usually win at least one of these a year.  For 5 bucks, why not?

Kansas State +20.5 over Oklahoma
LSU -14.5 over Auburn
West Virginia -20 over Maryland
West Virginia / Maryland OVER 55
UCLA -1 over Oregon State
Syracuse +5 over Minnesota
Temple / Penn State UNDER 49.5
UTEP +24 over Wisconsin
UTEP / Wisconsin UNDER 56.5

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