College Football Gambling Picks Week 6: Bonus Picks

Here, as always, are the bonus picks for my weekly college football column.  You can read that column here.  This week we have bonus picks from my friends Spills and Dan P, and my brother Dave, along with a 10-team teaser bet that I put together.

One quick note:  We generally make our picks early in the week, then spend the rest of the week either coming up with our commentary or arguing about the game du jour (game du week?).  As you know, the lines can shift throughout the week, so if you see a line that looks a little off, it’s because that line has moved over the past couple of days.

Without further ado, here are everyone’s picks.




Air Force -9.5 vs. Navy

Military Rivalry Game but Navy is really bad and Air Force is a solid team with a great offense. People only talk about Army vs. Navy and I think it pisses off Air Force and I think at home in the elevation they will smack them.

Ohio -14 vs. Buffalo

Buffalo is terrible beyond words and Ohio is legit and could run the table. Ohio scores a ton and Buffalo couldn’t score at 2am in a whorehouse. This might be my favorite college bet of the week.

South Carolina vs. Georgia Under 55

The Ol’ Ball Coach has a top 5 defense this year and Georgia locks it down too, and has been relatively unimpressive to me on offense so I think this game has NFL written all over it…24-20 Georgia

Florida +2.5 vs. LSU

I like Florida a lot and think LSU has been average at best and its tough to bet against a home dog in the SEC (other than Kentucy & Ole Miss).

West Virginia +7 at Texas

I know Texas has a good defense but I don’t know if anyone can stop WVU from scoring at this point. Geno Smith is putting up insane video game numbers and Texas can’t score with them, in my opinion. What happened to Texas last year when great offenses came to town? Baylor & Ok. State smashed them.

TCU -11.5 vs. Iowa State

This should be at least 14 at home for TCU, I think that they are hitting their stride and nobody seems to be talking about them this year. Even though they bent me over whenever I bet them last year, I am back on the bandwagon again this year, especially with Pachall being more experienced.

[Note from Tom Z: As I mentioned earlier, we picked these lines a few days ago.  That was before TCU quarterback Casey Pachall was suspended for drunk driving.  Spills is retracting this bet due to the circumstances.  Do not bet on this game.]


Dan P

Underdog Weekend!  It's fun to sit back and take points for a change.  Laying points can be so frustrating.  Last week I parlayed West Virginia and Georgia for my biggest bet of the weekend.  The teams combined to score 121 points and I lost both bets.  That has to be the first time in sports betting history that’s ever happened.  This week I'm all about taking the points.  College football outcomes are determined on three things.  1- Quarterback Play 2- Defensive Lines 3- Home Field / Time of Game.  All 4 of these picks have some involve those theories.  A basic rule when betting an underdog is to only bet them if you think they can win outright.  And I do believe all 4 can win outright, even NC State and Southern Miss.  Anyone remember that Thursday Night game about 15 years ago when Warrick Dunn was stuffed at the 1 vs. NC State?  Well this year’s game is a 7PM start for the Wolfpack.  Night crowd, biggest game of the year and they have a QB that’s good enough to be drafted in the middle rounds come next April.  West VA +7?  Give me the Mountaineers all day.  With an explosive offense, WVU can win outright, keep it close or score some shady last second garbage points to cover.  Boise is flat out not good this year.  They have all 3 factors going against them.  Their inexperienced QB sucks, Southern Miss produces NFL talent along their D-Line and it’s a home game in Hattisburg.  I don't care that Southern Miss is 0-4, they almost beat Louisville last week.  Plus, if you've never been to Southern Miss, it's an eye opening experience.  Katrina effects are still everywhere to be seen, it's a strange swampy place and the people are downright hicks.  Expect a low scoring mess and take the points.  I absolutely love Florida to beat LSU outright this Saturday.  The swamp might be the best home field advantage of any place in the country.  LSU's is beyond offensively challenged, and I don't trust Les Miles under any circumstance.  I wouldn't trust him to mow my lawn.  Not that I have a lawn in Arizona, but you know what I mean god dammit.  Take the points, or better yet, bet Florida on the money line for +125 odds.        

NC State +15 vs FSU
West Virginia +7 at Texas
Southern Miss +11 vs Boise St
Florida +3 vs LSU




Georgia (SC never gets it done in big games)
WVU (But I think Texas wins the game)

[*Note from Tom: I should mention that Dave has two young kids, so he doesn't have the time to come up with brilliant insights like the rest of us. Or even to write out the lines.  But all of his picks are against the spread.]



My 10-team, 6-point teaser bet for the week.  Wager $5 to win $125.

BYU -0.5 over Utah State (Friday night game)
Northwestern +8.5 over Penn State
Rutgers -1 over UConn
Oklahoma +0.5 over Texas Tech
Florida +8.5 over LSU
Michigan +3 over Purdue
West Virginia +12.5 over Texas
Notre Dame -8 over Miami
NC State -22 over Florida State
Nebraska +9.5 over Ohio State

Substitute pick (if you miss the Friday night game): Oregon / Washington OVER 59

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