College Football Gambling Picks Week 8: Bonus Picks

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Here are the “bonus picks” from my team of experts.


Dan P

Uconn / Syracuse UNDER Any Number - Doug Marone + Pauly P = Gross Football.  Me and Spills went to the game in 2010, bet the over, and it never had a shot.  That was with some offensive "weapons" which are no longer around.  Key Matchup -The TE from Solvay vs. The Linebacker from Mystic.  Blazing 5.95 40' speed.

Nebraska / NW Over 61.5 - I think I figured out why these teams play high scoring games...they're not real Big 10 teams.  Their campuses are too close to the Big 12, hence the lack of defense.  49-40 Nebraska.

GT -14 over BC - I hate Boston College.  The worst people in Boston refer to themselves as "BC Quads."  BC High School (on Morrissey BLVD), BC Undergrad, BC Masters, BC Doctorate.  Pompous Pricks.

Va Tech +8.5 Over Clemson - I'm picking this one based on the Noon start time.  Don't tell me Taj Boyd, Sammy Watkins, Deandre Hopkins and Andre Ellington won't be chasing the muff around on a beautiful October Friday night in South Carolina.  Meanwhile, Frank Beamer will be drinking prune juice trying to figure out ways to snap the ball at exactly 1 second the play clock every play.  Close game I think.

Alabama - Anything vs Anyone - Roll Damn Tide until further notice.  BTW- Did anybody see that bodyslam from the Bama / Missouri game?  Would the New Orleans Saints trade their starting 11 defense for Alabama?  I think so.

Michigan -10 over Michigan State - Andrew Maxwell flat out sucks.  Denard Robinson can't read, but whatever, lay the points.

USC - 59.5 (or whatever) over Colorado - 63-3 final coming right up.

South Carolina / Florida Under 23.5 - 13-10 Gators.

La Tech -30.5 over Idaho - Sonny Dykes will be the next coach to come to the SEC.  Auburn should fire Gene Chizzzzik right now and hire him before Arkansas does.

Pitt / SUNY Buffalo Under Anything - Buffalo can't score.  Tito Sunseri has been mediocre at Pitt for 14 years now.  


Pick 6 from Spills:

Auburn/Vandy Under 44.5 - Vandy's got a very solid defense and Auburn can't score, I see this as 19-13 Vandy.

GT -14 vs. BC - BC is horrible and Georgia Tech can score a lot of points, plus since they always run it, their late-game offense remains the same, so late backdoor covers are always a good possibility, especially at home.

Alabama -20.5 @ Tenn - Always bet Alabama... Roll Damn Tide!

Stanford -2.5 @ Cal - "The Game" Yeah, sure, that’s not going to matter to Stanford, who is pissed off and looking to take it out on somebody. Who better than their biggest rivalry game.  Blowout Central.

Florida -3.5 vs. S. Carolina - Florida is getting most their injured players back and South Carolina is falling apart. Lattimore is limited at best, questionable as of now, jump on this before it goes OTB when depth chart gets posted.

Washington/Arizona Over 60.5 - 52-49. This game is going to go way over. Just have that feeling that both offenses are ready to explode and neither team can really stop any team with speed. Late-night bet to either win it all back or put the cherry on top of a nice gambling day.



Nebraska/NW over

[Dave has young children, hence he doesn’t have time to offer “flowery commentary” on his picks.]


Tom Z

And finally, my 10-team, 6-point teaser of the week.  Wager $5 for a chance to win $125.

Rutgers +1 over Temple
Stanford +3.5 over Cal
South Carolina +9.5 over Florida
Pitt / Buffalo UNDER 60.5
Louisville -0.5 over South Florida
Bama -14.5 over Tennessee (Tennessee??  Tennessee?? A game of horseshoes??)
Notre Dame -7.5 over BYU
Oregon State -4 over Utah
Texas Tech / TCU OVER 49
K State +8.5 over West Virginia

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